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She stood in the middle of the yard and felt the cloud pass through her. She held her arms out and they glowed opalescent in the light of the moon. She was not afraid, but she was afraid to speak, and after a while, after the sound was gone and she knew the experience was over, she got listless. She went inside.

"Your show is on, dear," her mother said, not moving. Her father's chair was empty. He had gone to bed.

Cassie sat for a bit and watched the tube. Her mother retired. Cassie turned off the light and held out her arms to the TV screen. The glow was not different from the moon's.

Dot came home, no longer tense, very loose.

"Do you believe in angels?" Cassie asked.

"Yes. But then I take drugs." Dot squatted by Cassie's chair. She lay her head on Cassie's legs. Cassie placed her glowing arms on her sister's shoulders. She made a sound like a mother comforting, but it was very different.